JaMBW Chapter 5.3

Physical Mapping Calculators

The following Physical Mapping Calculators are hereafter contributed by Andrei Grigoriev and can be updated here. The calculators below are tools for plotting certain measures of the experimental progress of physical mapping projects.

Click anywhere inside the plotting area and you will see a red vertical bar. Its X coordinate corresponds to the number of hybridisations/fingerprints while the Y coordinate will show numerical values for the chosen plotted measure.

Library Construction

This calculator is the most trivial of all: it simply shows how the library redundancy and %% of target genome covered depends on the number of clones.

Random Probes

This calculator deals with experiments based on hybridisations with randomly chosen short "anchor" probes.

Random Fingerprinting

These two calculate properties of contigs constructed by fingerprinting random clones.


These applets are (well, more and more losely) based on the code by Elisabeth Odekirk, hacked by yours truly.

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Copyright 1996 Andrei Grigoriev